What are the bed configurations of the home?

The Master Bedroom and Guest Bedroom  can be arranged to have two twin beds or one King bed with a memory foam mattress.  We also have a queen air mattress and a double futon on living room.

What is the currency in Nicaragua?

The monetary unit is a called a Cordoba. 1 US Dollar = 25 Cordobas.  However, the US dollar is widely accepted.

How do you call from the US?

011 + 505 + 7 digit phone number.  Use FaceTime or iMessage for free from your iPhone.

When is the Green Season?

The Green Season is from May to October but the surroundings will stay green through mid December.

When is the Dry Season?

The Dry Season is from November to May.

When is the Rainy Season?

October is considered the rainiest month of the year and it can rain all day and night. Some seasons are worse than others.

What language is spoken in Nicaragua?


What time zone is Nicaragua in?

Central Standard Time.

What is the best time of year for Surfing?

There is surf year round. However, the most consistent months are from April – November when South swells are generated by storms off the southern coast of Australia.

What is the Water temperature?

From April – December the water is in the 80’s (f). However, from Jan – March the wind can blow hard enough to cause upwelling and the water can drop into the low 70’s, even high 60′s occasionally (f).

What airport do you fly to?

Managua, the capital city. Airport code MGA.

How long is the drive from the Airport to the condo?

Depends on road conditions, weather, and who is driving but generally takes 2.5 hours.

Is the Drive Safe?

The drive is not dangerous. It is very flat (unlike Costa Rica), and the roads are wide. However, the final stretch is about 30 KM on a dirt road which is presently getting paved.

How can we get from the airport to the condo?

You can rent a car, we recommend a 4X4 in the Green Season. You can also get airport transfers through us for $100-$160 each way. We can set you up in a Nica Taxi (cheapest option), SUV with an English speaking driver or a 15 passenger van (sits 10 with luggage).

Is there a restaurant, bar, and or store?

Yes, Hacienda Beach Club is on the beach in front of Playa Colorado.  They are open from 7AM to 7PM.   Don Eloy’s Nica Bar y Restaurante is located in the community and is open from 4pm til close. They serve pizza, sandwiches, fries and wings. They are the only ones in all the area with the football package.

Can you drink the tap water?

The water in our area is actually spring fed and is fine to drink, but we do also provide our guests with 5 gallon bottles of purified water for drinking.

Where is the closest grocery store? Your best bet is to buy groceries, beer and alcohol on your way down from the airport.  There is suppose to be a La Colonia (best, most Americanized grocery store in Nicaragua) going in in the town of Nandaime soon.  That would be your best bet.  The next best option would be to stop at the Maxi Pali in Masaya or Rivas.  There are a few pulperias (small convenience stores) in the area that are anywhere from a 15-25 minute drive away.  You’ll be able to restock in odds and ends there.

Do I need to speak Spanish to get by in Nicaragua?

No…However it does help, especially if you are driving to Iguana from MGA. The road signs are not very good, or non-existent, so it is nice to be able to ask directions. If you don’t know Spanish, you should brush up on your directional vocabulary if you plan to drive.