Personal chef service:

The meal packages include food, non-alcoholic beverages and a chef to prepare, cook and clean-up.  For the meal package, breakfast usually consists of a combination of pancakes, banana pancakes, French toast, eggs, omelets, gallo pinto, hash browns, fresh fruit, tortillas and/or toast.  Lunch and dinner are generally a meat (chicken, fish, beef or lobster) with a potato or rice and a salad and/or fresh veggies.  Our chef also makes sandwiches, lasagna, tacos, pasta, hamburgers, BBQ or pizza.  If there is anything in particular you’d like him to cook he’d be happy to do it.    Also, we would reimburse you for any meals you choose to skip if you want to go out to eat as long as you give us a 24 hour notice that you will not want a certain meal so our chef can plan his day.  We can offer you 3 meals a day for $30/person/day or 2 meals a day for $20/person/day.’

Full Kitchen:

There is a fully stocked kitchen with all the amenities to cook your own meals.  Just buy your food on the way from Managua and cook it up in the kitchen.  There are also opportunities to buy local fish off the beach.


Yes, Don Eloy’s Nica Bar y Restaurante is located in the community and is open from 4pm til close. They serve pizza, sandwiches, fries and wings. They are the only ones in all the area with the football package. There is also a small snack bar at the beachfront community pool.